You’ll have to excuse the tardiness of today’s #MumsThatSlay post. Today is my birthday, my 35th birthday to be precise and after a pretty mega house party/BBQ on saturday night, I’m only just feeling myself. Gone are those days of bouncing back, all bright eyed and limber with just a paracetamol and a strong tea as your remedy. So, here’s some thoughts on turning 35.

To me 35 is a milestone age, it’s pretty significant. Once you’re 35, you’re no longer a young one, you can’t be, you’re a few years away from 40 and half way to 70. Which is quite alright with me.  However, it’s  still an interesting transition, one where you cross the line of maturity. All I’ve ever known is being young, looking forward to ‘when…, when…., when… ‘ and now I’m here, the grown up, the wife, the mother, the career. The ‘when…, when…, when…’  I have now are my middle years and being an old lady one day and it’s a little intimidating. However, ageing is part of the cycle of life and the past 35 years have been amazing, even though I wonder how the time has gone so quickly. Surely my 25th birthday was just the other day?!

Style After Nine Turning 35
This is my school friends and I at our leavers’ ball, I’m the one in the bottom left corner, a proper raver, ready for a fortnight in Ibiza the following week.

But here’s the thing, as I stand on the edge of the precipice of time, I’ve decided I’m not going to be pushed, all flaying arms and screams. No, I’m diving darlings, with sparkling streamers attached to my outstretched arms.

Now I know 35 isn’t ‘old’, and age is nothing but a number. I know people will read this and chuckle, thinking “35? just you wait!”, but this isn’t a pity party.  I’m not trying to hang on to my youth, but rather go forward with the confidence of being a woman who knows herself, who has made mistakes and knows you just keep going, a woman who appreciates all that she has and is centred in the now and a woman who can be or wear whatever she wants. I will not be mutton dressed up as lamb, but neither will I consign myself to being a wall flower. Yes, as you get older the attention shifts away from you and on to the next, the new, the fresh, but that doesn’t mean you’re insignificant. In fact, I feel truly liberated, because if no one’s looking, man I can really get going!

Tomorrow, I’m going to my friend’s 20th birthday party, being held in her uni mate’s house, starting at 9.30pm on a school night!!! I know I’m going to far out-age everyone there, but I’m not rocking up trying to be level with 20 year olds. I can’t be, I haven’t been 20 for 15 years, and I don’t want to go back to that time. It was awesome, but it’s done and I’m living now and so thankful for now, I don’t want to miss it stuck in the past or fearful for my future. So, I’m just being me. Not a 35 year old, just me, Yvadney and that’s all I have, can and will be and that’s awesome!

Turning 35

Style After Nine Turning 35

Style After Nine Turning 35

Style After Nine Turning 35

Style After Nine Turning 35

Have you hit a big milestone? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Yvadney x

Style After Nine


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10 thoughts on “ON TURNING 35 IN STYLE

  1. I am just barely ahead of you (36) and I just want to say wow! Your attitude is more than a little refreshing. Many at our age are kicking and screaming, trying their hardest to hold onto their youth. You are so confident and mature (and no, not in an old way). #dreamteam

    1. Thank you, yes I have many friends like that too and I understand it to some extent, but then on the outside looking in, I think it’s a little tragic. xx

  2. I find that the older I get, the less I care about what other people think and that’s hugely liberating. 35 is a good age and from my experience, it gets better 🙂

  3. Love your attitude towards 35! You still got it one year in? I’m nearing 35 and I really hope I won’t freak out as much as I did for 30. After hitting 30 I’ve never been as chilled and I hope it stays, despite feeling a bit behind with building a family.

    1. 30s is ferocious!! Loving it, that said I freaked out a little when I recently turned 36, not massively, but enough to slap myself a few times. I’m sure your 35th will be amazing!! xx

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