They say all good things come in small packages and no truer could this be then for facial oils. These tiny, sometimes budget topping bottles are packed with all the goodness you need to wake up with rejuvenated, conditioned and nourished skin. So, I’ve round up my 6 favourite facial oils, because oil + sleep = MAMA GLOW.

You see, it’s no secret, I’m obsessed with oils, whether I’m ingesting them or applying them to my skin a couple of times of day. When you suffer with dry, eczema-ridden skin like I do, oils make all the difference. I first discovered them when I was recommended the Kiehls Midnight Recovery Oil  two years ago. I couldn’t get over the instant transformation and youthful sheen on my skin the following morning.

“When you suffer with dry, eczema-ridden skin like I do, oils make all the difference.”

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My bespoke facial oil created by Julia Lawless of Aqua Oleum is a great night time treatment

That said facial oils are great for oily, spot-prone skin too. It’s all about avoiding mineral oils and opting for facial oils that lock in moisture, plump out skin and protect it from the elements and city pollution.

Now, unlike, some skincare which can cost an arm and a leg, with facial oils, even the most basic of oils, say coconut or rosehip will make a world of difference to your skin.  That said, it’s not just about lubrication. There’s a certain alchemy to mixing the perfect combination of essential oils, which will transform your skin.

There is one rule, apply at night. So your skin can absorb it all up over night and you wake up looking and feeling well nourished. I also use that time to give my face a little massage and do some facial exercises (check out how I do them here). You can also mix them in with your day creams for extra protection.

“There is one rule, apply at night.”

The best facial Oils Mums That Slay Aqua Oleum
With facial oils you can go to sleep on it and then rise and shine with the perfect mama glow

My edit of facial oils includes some of the very best on the beauty shelves.  Some may feel a bit pricey, but the potency of the solution means you only need a couple of drops each wear. So a bottle will last you a very long time, so great value for money. Some of my picks are oils I use, others are industry gold stars.

“Some may feel a bit pricey, but the potency of the solution means you only need a couple of drops each wear.”


This is like the KFC of facial oils. Whatever magic ingredients Kiehls has put in this wonder elixir is something special and works like something out of a Disney film.


The best night time facial oils
Kiehls Midnight Recovery Concentrate £38


Combines nine different botanicals for every skin type, every season and every climate – a winner!

Aesop Fabulous Face Oil £39


Oh how I love thee Beauty Kitchen! This oil is an amazing combination of oils including Rosehip and Argan which promote cellular development and is 100% natural. Brilliant beauty gem.

Abyssinian Oil Aroma Facial Concentrate £19.99


Because the Liberty Beauty Hall knows whats up and there was much hype around the launch of this last year. It has 21  (that’s a lot of calculations) different seed oils that are perfect for bringing lack lustre, dull and sensitive skin back to life.

Votary Super Seed Facial Oil £70 @ Liberty


This is one of the Sanctury Spa’s three facial oils, which boasts amazing reviews. It’s vegan friendly and a gorgeous combination of superfood essential oils to balance out your skin and give you a dewy finish.


Therapist’s Secret Facial Oil £17.50


You had me at anti-wrinkle. This concentrate oil fights wrinkles and age spots and is by REN, so….

REN Bio Retinoid™ Anti-Wrinkle Concentrate Oil £44


Make your own and do some research on the best essential oils that will work for your skin and make a bespoke facial oil. I was recently gifted a bespoke facial oil blended by Julia Lawless of Aqua Oleum, a fountain of knowledge on the effects of oils on your body.


However you can find oils anywhere else from Holland & Barrets to your regular around the way afro hair shop. So, the choice is at your finger tips (just get some advice first).



Are you ready to apply the facial oils, rise and shine? Do you already use facial oils? Why not tell me in the comments below?

Yvadney x

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